MARC Academy & Family Center

Welcome to MARC. Located in the Mt. Hope, Burnside, and Bedford Park communities of the Bronx, New York, we have been serving the families in our area since 1995. Since that time, we have worked with more than 1500 children from low-income families, preparing them for a lifetime of success. Today, we serve almost 600 children every year.

Our Mission

“Only the Educated are Free” truly embodies all that we stand for. To that end, MARC’s mission is to provide underserved children of the Bronx and their families with the opportunity to develop their social, creative, and academic skills so they may become lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are free to make educated choices and decisions in their lives. Success will be shown by self-esteem, measurable academic growth, and responsible actions.

A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Community,

It is an honor to be the executive director of the MARC Academy & Family Center. At MARC, we help children overcome obstacles generally associated with poverty so they can achieve their full potential. Through our programs, we nurture, empower, and invest in children and their families for a lifetime of learning and success.

We thank our supporters who demonstrate their belief in us with their resources and time. On our own, we can do little, but together, we can accomplish great things. If you are not already a supporter of our mission, please consider learning more about us and determining what you can do to help us make a difference today.


Anna L. York

Anna L. York, Executive Director